Tuesday, December 30

Ogris Debris - Black Label 39

artist   : Ogris Debris
title . Black Label #39
type : EP
year . 2008
genre : House
subgenre . Tech House, Deep House
label : Compost Records
cat . CPT309-1
encoder . Blade
quality : 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
source . WEB


01.G-Thong 8:57
02.Hide Open 7:24

"A new producer to the Compost ranks, Ogris Debris brings a very fresh
house edge to the label with a smart two tracker. 'G-Thong' would be
the recommended joint here, building from a submerged intro to a strong
and hypnotic house rhythm fizzing with an electric finish and layered
with deep house style vocals making for the best track we've heard on
Compost in a long time. 'Hide Open' on the flip is an unbridled peaker
with upbuilding synthlines and a cheekily effective mid 90's house
flavour. Already in demand and recieving plays from the Drumpoet crew
and Compost DJs."



Friday, December 12

Pangaea - You & I / Router

We dont post dubstep usually but this one stands out. Many people say router could be one of the tracks of the year and I totally agree. If you like Burial style dubstep you must hear it. Pangaea's myspace.

Pangaea - You & I / Router


You & I


And his previous release:

Pangaea - Coiled / Nest / Deviant




We haven't been posting lately partially because we are lazy but also because of the situation in Greece right now. We dont want to show that being a music blog means that we dont care about what's going on in our country. If you dont know what's happening please get informed. (google greece riots) . We would like to thank anyone who expressed their solidarity to greek protesters.

Thursday, December 4

David Carretta - Rodeo Disco

Artist :: David Caretta
Album :: Rodeo Disco
Label :: Space Factory/Idol
Release Date :: November 2008

Tracklist ::

01 - Dance Machine
02 - New Love
03 - Love Lazer Dance Sex
04 - Planet Research
05 - Planetary Attraction
06 - Dicso Dance
07 - New Disco Beat
08 - Sex On the Moon
09 - Running the Planet
10 - Good Bye Honey Moon

Download here :: part1 part2