Tuesday, September 30

Eyerer & Namito - Feuersee

Artist: Eyerer & Namito Great Stuff Records
Label: Great Stuff Records
LabelCode: GSR068
Format: 12"
Release: September 2008
Style: Techno / Minimal

1 Eyerer & Namito - Feuersee - Original
2 Eyerer & Namito - Feuersee - Sunset Mix
3 Eyerer & Namito - Seefeuer


Monday, September 29

Dream on dreamer

Brothers' vibe - Feelin' house (raw mix)

"People always ask me, all the time, to explain house music... I mean uh House music is... a feeling it's inside you it's a.. I mean..." ... " I'm just feeling house, get your track on get your groove on and sit back..."
Yeah we get it.. real vibe track, real vibe producer (as burial would say).
It's all about the vibe, the groove, no breakdowns nothing really going on but still can capture the listener after all it's about feeling house "just feel the vibe, you know" fuckin great

Sascha Funke - Mango Cookie (Dj Koze's Pink Moon Remix)

I cant stop listening to this track. Really. To me it could be track of the year. The perfect way to finish the night.

Unders & Drrie - 3 Days In Kazachstan (Spring Mix)

This is a little strange. The vocal sample is from a balkan song. There was a greek cover for this song some years ago. It's something interesting to play in a set. There is a Stimming remix too.


Martin Buttrich - I Lost My Wallet


Label: Cocoon Recordings
Catalog#: COR12"052
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: 10 Sep 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, Minimal
Quality: 320 kbps


A I Lost My Wallet
B Again!


How to get remixed and make money out of it

Tomorrow Sep 30 begins the voting phase for Audion's Billy says go remix contest. I really enjoy these competitions because you can download the samples of the track to be remixed and understand what the producer actually did. Also it's a nice way of hearing music from amateur (and sometimes upcoming) producers. The problem with that comp was that they didnt give all the samples for free. They were selling them. So if you wanted to have all the samples Matthew used you had to buy the premium pack. I mean they have hundreds maybe thousands of people remixing their track for free and still they want to make money out of it. If they got any pro producer they would have to pay him but with this contest they get so many remixes for free + they make money out of the remixing process. Isnt this kinda cheap on their side? They should thank everyone who spend time and effort on this remix and not trying to cash in. At the end they will choose two and go for a proper release on spectral sound or will it be digital only (with no cost at all) ?

Btw the prizes apart from the Traktor scratch arent something special.

Saturday, September 27

can you explain this coconut thing?

I wanted to post this like a week ago but couldn't make it..
some tracks in my ipod:

Dubshape - Droplets (Late night mix) late night mix for a late night anthem

Gabriel Ananda - Coconut Blues (Original mix)

from Gabriel's official site:

"Coconut Blues" is the soundtrack to the uplift of hearts to spheres where everything incessantly shimmers and vibrates: hips, legs, handbags, eardrums, the mind and the mirth for eternity. Here Detroit builds colourful, supercute propeller cars that fly in formation and are environment-friendly bass pressure energy controlled. The city grows up to a palm tree-decorated amusement park, where a warm breeze of caressing strings condition the air with love. When coconuts fall on heads, and burst, the bouncing crowd's creative fancies explode simultaneously in pretty dark blue. That's what is called "Blues" out there. There is much laughing and crying. "

wtf?? What happened to the usual release info?

Goldwill - Book Duty nice warm and deep track

Runaway - Brooklyn Club Jam (Original mix) released on rekids and dfa records

Way out west - Spaceman (Robert Babicz remix) Robert Babicz's tracks are always good. He has the clearest and crispiest sound around. He does mastering for other artists too. This whole release is essential.


Tuesday, September 23

more bullshit

The ultimate guide. Master your spitting technics.

Thursday, September 18

greek humor pt.2

I dont know where this is from. Just found it on the web. Such a nice and warm crowd.. If all parties were like this..

Something for our greek readers..

Klain Main. \m/

...and something for greek readers who enjoy stupid jokes..

Την επομενη φορα που θα ακουσετε "Oi mate, this is for the poucher" θα ξερετε που αναφερεται..
Tο βρηκα τυχαια στη βιβλιοθηκη. Μπορεις να πεις οτι ειναι gtp. :D

Saturday, September 13

greek humor

hilarious video created by a greek (judging by his name). Read more

"hamster's fart beats and ping pong percussion" Richard Brophy about Dubfire's minimal releases. haha so true.. read full post here

+we reached 5.000 visitors. Thnx to all the people who read our posts. If you have a suggestion or thought for improvement we are glad to hear it. Just comment what you like.

Btw the visitor with the number 4.999 wins some super special prizes like (a two week stay in Nontech's mansion) but we have difficulties in tracking him/her down. ;D

--just kiddin

Brisker & Magitman - Modern Love ( ECPD005 )


Label : Echoplast Digital
Cat. : ECPD005
Genre : Progressive House
Quality : 320 kbps
Size : 66 mb
Release date : 14/8/2008


Brisker & Magitman - Modern Love (Original mix)
Brisker & Magitman - Modern Love (Alter Breed remix)
Brisker & Magitman - Modern Love (Kosmas Epsilon remix)
Brisker & Magitman - Modern Love (Manuel De La Mare dark room remix)


Thursday, September 11

william bevan funeral services

So while I was away of the internet news something really astonishing happened that I just found out yesterday. As you probably already know Burial revealed himself on his myspace page showing a pic of him and said his name is Will Bevan. This was written some months ago on guardian (I think) and when everybody searched about William Bevan they got this and thought it was a joke. Turned out to be his real name. Personally I dont like the fact that he revealed himself. I never thought it was somebody famous like Aphex or fatboy slim and I really loved the whole mystery thing which kinda helped burial to get more attention at mainstream press -even if he didnt want to. With this big secret that Burial kept all this time he showed that what he really cared about was the music. He didnt want the fame, the money, or the "producer" title which is exactly the opposite of what most of the people in dance music industry are about, hunting for a place in the DJ top100. Anyway this is a very interesting old Burial interview at Blackdown's blog.
When will his dj kicks be ready?..

Beatport Minimal Top 10 ( 2008-09-10 )

Photobucket Image Hosting


01 - Broombeck - Mono Turn.mp3
02 - Spektre - Deal with it ( Original mix).mp3
03 - JPLS - Combination 03.mp3
04 - James Venturi - People ( Original Mix).mp3
05 - Do Santos - Menina ( Original mix).mp3
06 - TG aka Tim Green - Mr Dry.mp3
07 - Nico Diorio - Shop - ( Original mix).mp3
08 - Emmanuel - Lipflap.mp3
09 - Alex Young - Minimal it.mp3
10 - Marlon Krupa - Bershka.mp3

Download part1/part2

Wednesday, September 10

Beatport Top 10 (09-09-08)



01 - Tiga and Zyntherius - Sunglasses at night ( Popof remix 2)
02 - Dataworx - Control ( Original mix)
03 - Milton Channels - You Lose ( Original mix)
04 - Kaskade - Angel on my shoulder ( EDX, Belo horizonte at night remix)
05 - Deadmau5 ft MC Flipside - Hi friend ( Original mix)
06 - ATFC - Praise To The JBs ( Original mix)
07 - Ce Ce Peniston - Finally 2008 ( The Kam Denny and Paul Zala remix)
08 - Christian Smith - Flyertalk ( Original mix)
09 - Jerry Ropero ft Caesars Scissors and Java - Organ of Love ( Original mix)
10 - Sharam - Texi ( Original mix)

Download part1/part2

Tuesday, September 9

Shed - Shedding The Past [OSTGUTCD06]

Label: Ostgut Tontrager
Catalog#: ostgut CD06
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 01 Sep 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal, Dub Techno


01. Intro
02. Boose - Sweep
03. Another Wedged Chicken
04. Flat Axe
05. The Lower Upside Down
06. Slow Motion Replay
07. Waved Mind
08. That Beats Everything
10. Estrange
11. Ostrich-Mountain-Square


Rex the dog - The rex the dog Show

Label Hundehaus
Catalog# HUND001CD
Released September 2008
Style Electro,Pop,Tech House


01. Intro
02. Maximize 2008
03. Gecko
04. Bubblicious
05. Prototype
06. Heartsong
07. The Knife - Heartbeats (Rex The Dog Remix)
08. Circulate
09. The Sounds - Tony The Beat (Rex The Dog Remix)
10. I Can See You; Can You See Me?
11. Itchy Scratchy
12. Italian Skyline
13. Frequency
14. I Look Into Mid Air


Henrik Schwarz, Ame, Dixon - D.P.O.M.B. EP


Label: Innervisions
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Country: Germany
Released: 28 Jul 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Deep House

A - D.P.O.M.B. (Version 1)
B - D.P.O.M.B. (Version 2)


Saturday, September 6

Amazing Hawtin vid OMG how he does that?

Watch this amazing vid where Hawtin kisses some traktor ass. So much creativity. He must be a genious or smthn. They sure paid him well.

Found this via the Ra feed and the sad part is it had the most comments from the other topics. Why anything that has to do with celebrity djs gets more attention that it deserves even if it is completely bullshit? This vid is an undercover Traktor ad that probably Hawtin got paid for, and then those kids say "Hawtin is a genious" cause he used a loop and pressed the send button to sychronize his laptop with marc's..

Friday, September 5

The Black Dog - Detroit vs Sheffield


Label: Soma Quality Recordings
Catalog#: SOMA 248
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: 22 Sep 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno


A1 -Train By The Autobahn (Robert Hood Remix)
A2 -Train By The Autobahn [Part 3]
B1 -Train By The Autobahn (Robert Hood's 8 Mile Remix)
B2 -Siiiipher (The Bass Soldier's Forgemaster Remix)


Kenny Larkin - Keys, Strings, Tambourines


Label: Planet E Communications
Catalog#: PLE65303
Format: File, MP3, Album
Country: US
Released: 02 September 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal, Dub Techno


01. Androgenous
02. Glob
03. Keys, Strings, Tambourines
04. Wake Me
05. You Are... Light
06. Drone
07. Computer Rain
08. Vibin'
09. Bass Mode
10. Siren
11. Gimmie
12. Cirque De Soul
13. Deja Vu
14. Wake Outro
15. You Are
16. You Are (Dark Mix)

The return of colourful Detroit character Kenny Larkin, with a new album of Motor city techno soul like nobody else for his spiritual home of Planet E. Opener 'Androgenous' sets the tone with some glorious Kraftwerkian melodics and moves through a set of cool house, deep techno abstraction on 'Keys, strings, Tambourines' and the wicked 'Vibin' through to meditative house strangeness on 'Deja Vu'. Another ace album from an essential cog in Detroit's machinery.

Download --link deleted