Saturday, September 27

can you explain this coconut thing?

I wanted to post this like a week ago but couldn't make it..
some tracks in my ipod:

Dubshape - Droplets (Late night mix) late night mix for a late night anthem

Gabriel Ananda - Coconut Blues (Original mix)

from Gabriel's official site:

"Coconut Blues" is the soundtrack to the uplift of hearts to spheres where everything incessantly shimmers and vibrates: hips, legs, handbags, eardrums, the mind and the mirth for eternity. Here Detroit builds colourful, supercute propeller cars that fly in formation and are environment-friendly bass pressure energy controlled. The city grows up to a palm tree-decorated amusement park, where a warm breeze of caressing strings condition the air with love. When coconuts fall on heads, and burst, the bouncing crowd's creative fancies explode simultaneously in pretty dark blue. That's what is called "Blues" out there. There is much laughing and crying. "

wtf?? What happened to the usual release info?

Goldwill - Book Duty nice warm and deep track

Runaway - Brooklyn Club Jam (Original mix) released on rekids and dfa records

Way out west - Spaceman (Robert Babicz remix) Robert Babicz's tracks are always good. He has the clearest and crispiest sound around. He does mastering for other artists too. This whole release is essential.


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