Thursday, September 11

william bevan funeral services

So while I was away of the internet news something really astonishing happened that I just found out yesterday. As you probably already know Burial revealed himself on his myspace page showing a pic of him and said his name is Will Bevan. This was written some months ago on guardian (I think) and when everybody searched about William Bevan they got this and thought it was a joke. Turned out to be his real name. Personally I dont like the fact that he revealed himself. I never thought it was somebody famous like Aphex or fatboy slim and I really loved the whole mystery thing which kinda helped burial to get more attention at mainstream press -even if he didnt want to. With this big secret that Burial kept all this time he showed that what he really cared about was the music. He didnt want the fame, the money, or the "producer" title which is exactly the opposite of what most of the people in dance music industry are about, hunting for a place in the DJ top100. Anyway this is a very interesting old Burial interview at Blackdown's blog.
When will his dj kicks be ready?..

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