Monday, September 29

Dream on dreamer

Brothers' vibe - Feelin' house (raw mix)

"People always ask me, all the time, to explain house music... I mean uh House music is... a feeling it's inside you it's a.. I mean..." ... " I'm just feeling house, get your track on get your groove on and sit back..."
Yeah we get it.. real vibe track, real vibe producer (as burial would say).
It's all about the vibe, the groove, no breakdowns nothing really going on but still can capture the listener after all it's about feeling house "just feel the vibe, you know" fuckin great

Sascha Funke - Mango Cookie (Dj Koze's Pink Moon Remix)

I cant stop listening to this track. Really. To me it could be track of the year. The perfect way to finish the night.

Unders & Drrie - 3 Days In Kazachstan (Spring Mix)

This is a little strange. The vocal sample is from a balkan song. There was a greek cover for this song some years ago. It's something interesting to play in a set. There is a Stimming remix too.



Anonymous said...

you are alrigth, men. dream on dreamer. so on. night after night, and day after day. feel the right vibe. see ya. peace

dllnjx said...

Your comment reminded me to listen to these tracks again.. so thanks.I still havent checked RA's top tracks for 2008.Hope it made it for a place in the list.

cmdr.xndr said...

I randomly heard that DJ Koze remix yesterday. Just found your blog while trying to google where that vocal sample came from (to no avail)...any ideas? I might have to re-post it on mine and give you a serious shoutout, of course. check it out if you get a chance, i think you'll like the tunes...
Nobody Listens to Techno

dllnjx said...

The vocal is from another Sascha Funke track called The Fortune Cookie Symphony from the same ep as Mango.I really love this Koze remix.
Ur blog looks nice.I will read it more carefully when I ll have time.
But remember WE listen to techno :D

cmdr.xndr said...

haha for sure--the official blog email is actually

thanks for the tip!

dllnjx said...

wow that was fast response :) haha yeah we should all have this email.
np for the tip. see you around bro