Monday, September 29

How to get remixed and make money out of it

Tomorrow Sep 30 begins the voting phase for Audion's Billy says go remix contest. I really enjoy these competitions because you can download the samples of the track to be remixed and understand what the producer actually did. Also it's a nice way of hearing music from amateur (and sometimes upcoming) producers. The problem with that comp was that they didnt give all the samples for free. They were selling them. So if you wanted to have all the samples Matthew used you had to buy the premium pack. I mean they have hundreds maybe thousands of people remixing their track for free and still they want to make money out of it. If they got any pro producer they would have to pay him but with this contest they get so many remixes for free + they make money out of the remixing process. Isnt this kinda cheap on their side? They should thank everyone who spend time and effort on this remix and not trying to cash in. At the end they will choose two and go for a proper release on spectral sound or will it be digital only (with no cost at all) ?

Btw the prizes apart from the Traktor scratch arent something special.

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