Friday, January 30

Beatport Top 09-01-29

Title: Beatport Top Ten 09-01-29

Artist: Various Artists

Date: 29/01/09

Bitrate: 320 kbps


01 - Sidekick - Deepfear ( Andrea Roma rmx )
02 - Olivier Giacomotto - Guacamoli
03 - Kim Jofferey and Natalie Konan - Take me there ( Chris Kaeser rmx )
04 - Dave Kurtis - Last night in miami
05 - Guy Gerber - Timing
06 - Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback.mp3
07 - Second Life - A second chance ft Majuri ( Club mix )
08 - Libex and Marshall - Turin quality clubbing
09 - MC Flipside and Hatiras - Open up your eyes
10 - Mastiksoul - Run For Cover

Download part1/part2

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Friday, January 23

Lawrence Happy 2009! Beatport chart

Title: Lawrence Happy 2009! Beatport Chart

Artist: Various Artists

Date: 23/1/2009


Bitrate: 320 kbps except tracks 4, 7, 8


01 - Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search - Induction
02 - Delano Smith - Something For Myself
03 - Gorge - Garuna (Brothers vibe remix)
04 - Jackmate - In flux
05 - Minilogue, decoy, imps - Almost live but definetly plugged (Move D remix)
06 - Glitterbug - Brontohouse (Lawrence born to house remix)
07 - Damian Schwartz - Plastico
08 - Dubbyman - La Influencia
09 - Sian - Apple tree (efdemin remix)
10 - Lawrence - Miles

Link part1/part2

Lawrence on myspace/discogs

My first real post for 2009 should be a happy one. I really like Lawrence's style so.. happy 2009 :D even if a bit late.

Monday, January 19

Monsieur Minimal - Lollipop

Monsieur Minimal - Lollipop


1- Lollipop (Album Version)
2- Smile
3- Beautiful
4- Soul
5- Missing You
6- Love Story
7- Love Is A Circle (Album Version)
8- Silk (Album Cersion)
9- B.M.F
10- Relaxation (Album Version)
11- Lovers
12- Soul (The Flying Silly Brothers Remix)
13- B.M.F. (The Flying Silly Brothers Remix)


Monsieur Minimal Myspace

So here we are again posting a not house/techno record. No we are not quiting house or techno nor dance music, just taking a break. We are still techno. But this is a great record from someone who lives in Thessaloniki and we like to support local talent. He is already well known in Greece and his tracks are on many radios' airplays. Anyway we didnt post much lately because of stupid games like warhammer online and other time consuming activities. But we noticed that we got visits from thanx to a reference of Lektro(BE) -thnx man. It's cool to read your blog's name on the best forum on the web (too bad we dont have a post count :/). Another thing that made us smile was the use of our old blog avatar pic in youtube videos like this.
As for 09 we hope that we'll have more time and better music to share. thnx to all readers :D

Friday, January 16

Lady ΓκαΓκα
glasses from 80's Falco video clip
hair and clothes from a fashion breakout
trash music.totally.Dirty catchy electro house pop sounds and white hair?latex?hot piece of ass?thats all you can give?
just a bubble who's gonna break.i hope gave enough money for your poker face video clip.
ma ma ma ma ma ma ma poker fake and plastic.just meat.
just commercialize and abuse the electronic scene and 80's culture.huge success.well done.