Friday, January 16

Lady ΓκαΓκα
glasses from 80's Falco video clip
hair and clothes from a fashion breakout
trash music.totally.Dirty catchy electro house pop sounds and white hair?latex?hot piece of ass?thats all you can give?
just a bubble who's gonna break.i hope gave enough money for your poker face video clip.
ma ma ma ma ma ma ma poker fake and plastic.just meat.
just commercialize and abuse the electronic scene and 80's culture.huge success.well done.


dllnjx said...

Heahea.Angry 80s fan dissing modern pop track.

dllnjx said...

Just saw the vid dude.Well it doesnt suck more than any pop track out there. Btw she's a hot piece of ass but Im still waiting for Rihanna to call :P