Saturday, May 31

Butch - 1000 Lords (+2 bonus tracks)



1) 1000 Lords (West) (5:47)
2) 1000 Lords (Zoo Brazil Remix) (7:09)
3) 1000 Lords (Popof Remix) (7:18)
4) 1000 Lords (East) (6:24)

+2 bonus tracks :)

download here


enhancd.reality said...

fantastic. thanks very much :)

fahim007 said...

dude...i really need this one and the rapid share link is expired!

the previous one "stuck on my ipod" that is a premium member only download! :(

please help....!

would be great if you can post it on zippyshare or megaupload or yousendit?


mega said...
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mega said...

Here u go mate! Sorry, I am rapid premium user, I upload faster to rapid than any other file server. But, you can download once for free. Wait for 30seconds.