Tuesday, June 10

Ubuntu - I Exist Because Of You

Dolk at CansFestival London.
more dolk.

Just some tracks that I enjoy these days.

Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo - I exist because of you (dixon's stripped down version)
Henrik promotes linux? :P The philosophy is really interesting.

Johnny d - Orbitalife
I really like the vocals.

Joris Voorn - The Deep (Jimpster remix)
Joris is one my favourite artists and Jimpster's remix is a killer.

Ilario Alicante - Vacaciones En Chile
This is for djs who want to add a latin flavour in their sets.

Rachael Starr - To Forever (moonbeamremix)
This track is cheesy, I know but moonbeam kinda saves it. Doctors say some cheese now and then isn't harmfull ;)


ps:Btw my exam period starts this week so I won't (or shouldn't) post for a while.

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