Tuesday, July 8

and the world keeps turning..

some tracks:

Psychonauts - World Keeps Turning (highfish and zander remix -digital only)

I remember listening to their album on gigolo records while still in highschool. I thought it was too dark and too strange for djs. So now when I saw they released some remixes of this track I got really interested. There's an audiofly x remix but I dont feel it at all. Tiefschwarz include it in their june mixmag mix and say that it has something like Depeche mode vibe but to me it's like they had a track ready and added the vocals to make it a remix. Anyway.. how's the best mix digital only?

Ane Brun - Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz remix - Dixon edit)

OK. Everyone should have heard this. It's charted everywhere. Great track. Guess that they will play it a lot at bestradio.gr It's totally their style.

Nikola Gala - blueberry

Another greek artist with a great release in Plastic City. Actually Nikola Gala has his own label Escada music and has been around for quite a while, so keep an eye on him.

Raudive - Tempo

Good. I would like it more without the tempo sample all the time. It's from Cocoon compilation H. Check it out.

Redshape - Robot

In review sites they would say something "real underground music for those who know". Deep and dark, will work perfectly in the hands of the right dj. (Is it just me or the snare hit is kinda dubstep-esque? -sry for my english-)

Ripperton - Leonors Lanugo

Great. No need for words.


ps:It's been a while since my last post but I have been (really) busy.


nontech said...

great post.good to have u back.its ok for being away for a while,its summer time and the posting is eaaasy. :)

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, you're efforts are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Am I an idiot!??! I meant "your efforts" not "you're efforts"!!!! Apologies....

dllnjx said...

Thnx anonymous it's good to know u like the posts, it keeps us going.
Hopefully we will post more now as summer ends..

David said...

Thanks a lot, especially for the Highfish/Zander Remix.. have been looking for that a while now. Keep up the work!!