Saturday, May 16

16 May - Be Nice To Richie Hatwin Day

Today according to R.Brophy on TestIndustries is Be Nice to Richie Hawtin Day and we will agree with that too.We know he has hard times now, with his clothing collection and the cube might need some extra alien energy to work..We will be there for mr.Hawtin even if we dont like him that much. We will all be nice to Richie although this article here doesnt really help ;) We apologise to mr. Hawtin for all the posts we wrote here like: the pube or the AMAZING traktor vid!! or the really amazing Hitler vid.So everyone today show love to Richie. I suggest everyone feel free to send some courage and support emails to mr.Hawtin these hard times.

This is what courage wolf says to mr.Hawtin:

ps:I havent heard the mix at TestIndustries but I suppose its good so check it out.

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nontech said...

what kind of shit is this?why show love to richie hawtin?cause he is one of the most well known names in the dance scene?or because he has his own clothing line like J.Lo and Paris Hilton?

"Make love no war to Richie Hawtin" -W.Churchill

P.S. plz dont post photos like these cause they are disturbing to mr.hawtin.