Sunday, June 28

EKP leaving you wondering

A talented swedish underground producer, who can be compared to RJD2, Dj Shadow and others. Mostly working with swedish underground scene rappers, EKP also produced two full track promoalbums. “At Least” and “Things You Already Know - Just Here To Remind You”.

EKP - At least.
01. World Famous Introduction
02. The Plan
03. Don't Fuck With It
04. Locked In A Tiny Room
05. Rocking The Silence
06. Tired Of Waiting
07. They Don't Understand
08. On My Own
09. Live A Lie


EKP - Things You Already Know Just Here To Remind You.

01. Face facts (Introducing)
02. Blowin minds
03. Leaving you wondering
04. So, where do you belong
05. Café Belleville
06. How to sell out
07. El Salvador
08. Followed
09. Mathilda
10. Only a few days left
11. Riots in November


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Floyd said...

hey! i like your blog. better than the other mass rubbish... thanks
good name too