Sunday, January 10

Statskcartsa - Untie e.p.

BOLT027: Statskcartsa - Untie EP
Release date: 21st April 2006
Format: CD

The only release by Greg Haines under the moniker of Statskcartsa, based on tracks made in the summer of 2005, plus a Statskcartsa remix of CHEjU's 'Pachinko' as a bonus track.
Also contains remixes by CHEjU, MINT and Greg Haines.

This limited release has now been deleted.

01 April 21st

02 Eisenbahn (CHEjU Remix)

03 Firstly, Summer (New Mix)

04 At Long Last (MINT's Cinefilm Remix)

05 CHEjU - Pachinko (Statskcartsa Remix)

06 April 21st (Greg Haines Reprise Remix)

I had this release for so long time lost in an old hard drive. I was always trying to remember and search but with a name like that, I could never find something. The release is now deleted from the label catalogue. I still think its a trully unique and wonderfull release. I love the electronic organic sound just like the feeling I get from some agoria and youngsters releases.

try it

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