Wednesday, October 15

acid night drives

After checking out the latest Youngster's release Babylon superstars (which is cool but I'm still stuck with Phoenix ) I remembered Laurent Garnier's Fcom label which didnt seem so active lately. So I found this. It's a french online music magazine and it says that fcom is dead. Too bad. Check out the video where Laurent Garnier performs acid eiffel in a techno-unfriendly audience with a silver suit. Glorious times..
Anyway there is another great video with Acid eiffel. It's a miami vice night drive scene. Burial tests his tracks this way. To check if a tune he does is good he puts it on the car stereo and night-drives at london. There is definitely something about night drives and this is the perfect night drive video althought it's almost morning (btw this IS real) and is so great that snow patrol used it as their "open your eyes" music video. This should have Acid Eiffel playing in the back.

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