Monday, October 27

Beatport Top 10 (10-26-08)


Title: Beatport Top Ten 10/08
Artist: Various Artists
Date: 26/10/2008
Bitrate: 320 kbps


01 - Format B - Edding 850
02 - Manuel De La Mare - Born Slippy ( MDLM rmix )
03 - Bart B and Oliver Twizt - Finally
04 - Pryda - Rakfunk
05 - Patric La Funk - Restless ( Tim Weeks remix )
06 - Giash & Til Yali - My Little Lady Birds (Remix)
07 - Sebo K - Diva ( original mix )
08 - Paolo Mojo and Jim Rivers - Ron Hardy Said ( Eric Prydz remix )
09 - Kid Massive ft Elliotte Williams and Drue - Get Busy ( Soul Avengerz dancefloor mayhem mix )
10 - Spencer and Hill - Right On Time (Original Mix)

Download part1/part2

We aren't thrilled about this chart but since we had the tracks, why not share with others? *we made our first nfo for this :D


enhancd.reality said...

Would it be possible just to upload "Edding 850" by itself?

The tracks seem to be removed anyway.

Thanks for all your efforts! :)

dllnjx said...

Here's a link to the whole lp:

It's great release. Remember to support the artists.

dready said...

can you upload again pleaseeeee.

Anonymous said...

try to save your links with or use uploadjockey... thanks!

dllnjx said...

It seems that those last charts really annoyed somebody over at beatport and got them down really fast among with other releases we had at the blog. In future posts we will probably use uploadjockey or something. Thanks for stopping by.