Saturday, March 28

Better late than never..

It's nice when people want to share cool music with you. We were sent this stuff months ago, but because of lack of time we havent posted it then. So we do it now cause it's better late than never right? Also think of this blog promo sending a chance for amateur djs to beat the pro's. Pro's get send demos all the time and they play all the hot records that we get months later. Here is the amateur djs chance to have some hot shit exclusively.

Coral Cola - 747 ep


1 The Best
2 Ouch
3 Stag Highway
4 It's always sunny in Boston
5 Sleep is for dreamers

Firstly an Ep of Coral Cola. We dont know much about this guy except that he comes from Worcester, Massachusetts as we read on his myspace and that he makes shoegaze techno. His tracks remind me of The Field's music so if you like The Field check it out. My personal favourite of this release is "Ouch" it gets insane at 3.30. It brings some kind of Radio slave hypnotic mood to me but it's different with the use of samples at the end (I dont think they were necessary).

download "Ouch"
download the whole ep
Coral Cola on myspace

Astus - Kill Bear (March Promo mix)

We also recieved a mix from Astus. His logo looks like Deadmau5 but his music isnt electrohouse (luckily for us). How can you not hear a mix that starts with a Greek producer?
Check out this goodlooking tracklist:

1.Mihalis Safras - Mails
2.David Keno - Discoteca
3.Matt Star - Kuhlefliegermx
4.Click Box - Dance of the Suger Plums Fairy
5.Ahmet Sendil - Are your Kisses Dynamite (Delete Remix)
6.Worthy - Ah Chord (Bombillas Brainstorm Remix)
7.Shlomi Aber - Namgo
8.Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Jail Signal
9.Hardcell - Only
10.Zoo Brazil - Kidz
11.Tube Control - Spectrum
12.Butch - Nomad (Mihalis Safras Remix)
13.M_Ferri - Open the Watergate
14.Peace Division - Freak This
15.Fergie - Senderoff (Slam Paragraph)
16.Alfie - Gli orsi sono ghiotti di miele (cardo_remix)
17.Dougukan Ires - Selective People
18.Simon Flower - Phosshenes
19.Tigerskin - The Snider Flu
20.Dusty Kid - Constant Rising

This is what Astus told us about the mix

"In conjunction with our Autumn i made this mix labeled "Kill Bear". A handful of goodies that i have been listening to in the farewell of summer, as well to welcome what Winter has to bring. Hope you enjoy them as much as i do."

the mix
Astus on myspace

More happy news

Mike Downey and Don Simon started a new net label called ASTOR BELL. I dont know what ASTOR means but I really dig the logo and the whole netlabel philosophy. I always thought that art isn't the creator's property. Art belongs to the people who appreciate it and love it. In dance music this gets more intense than other kinds of art, because dance music is about people getting together and listening to records and loooving these records man. This way music lives forever..
Anyway you can visit the ASTOR BELL site here (nice one) and hear/download the first three releases and some mixes as well. You can also find them on and here is their blog to keep an eye on the new stuff coming.

Finally thanks to all people who send us any kind of stuff and info. We always like to support newcomers and people who have a true love for the music and the scene. Sorry for making you wait so long time to post these stuff. We'll be faster next time :D

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apoira respect... se astor bell kai fisika ypokliseis se sena pou tous anakalipses...