Thursday, April 2

Octopush attack

We have formed Octopush ~ noise federation ~ with some friends in order to promote electronic music in general in the small city of Chania in Greece. We are having our first party this weekend on a really nice place. We are going to play from dubstep to french electro,breaks, dnb almost all kinds of electronic dance music. I will be in charge of fancy house and hoover techno as you can read on the poster and I really dont know what to play. I have some tracks in my mind but I dont know what people would like or expect to hear. I think when you try to present a music genre that people arent familiar with, you have to get back to the roots which means back to the classics. People of course know house and electro house and stuff, they hear it on maistream radios and clubs but what about the real classics like Frunkie Knuckles, Laurent Garnier , Carl Craig, UR... Most of them never heard stuff like that. Anyway my point is that I need some help on choosing the style of my set and the tracks later. Any readers who wanna help me out just comment :D

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